Cinderella MSC

Cinderella MSC is a visual modelling tool for analysis, specification,documentation and
testing of communications services, protocols, or any kind of message/signal based system.


Cinderella MSC is based on the specification language MSC, standardised by the
International Telecommunication union, ITU. MSC is a graphical notation that encompasses
the expressive power of UML sequence diagrams.


A powerful API (Application Programming Interface) comes with the Cinderella MSC tool.
The API allows an external program to manipulate Cinderella MSC through a set of simple
C-like function calls.


Implementation links allow tracing the MSC from Cinderella SDL
The API can both be used from a server application (a dll called from the MSC editor) and
from a server application (an external program controlling Cinderella MSC). Examples of
API usages are:
  • Generation of an MSC as an execution trace
  • Generation of test cases from an MSC
  • Conversion of an MSC from/to another format (e.g. MSC tool)
  • Seamless integration of Cinderella MSC with other tools/programs.
Two Applications with source codes comes with Cinderella MSC
  • A server application for generation of textual MSC
  • A client application for using Cinderella MSC for testing together with Cinderella SDL