Cinderella SDL 1.4 is now available for download.

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Cinderella SDL is a visual modeling tool for developing embedded software systems, communications services, protocols, or any kind of message/signal based system.

Cinderella SDL is based on the specification language SDL, standardised by the International Telecommunication Union, ITU. SDL is a powerful object oriented graphical notation that supports analysis, design, implementation, and testing:

Analysis and simulations of your SDL designs.
Standardized notations like SDL, MSC and ASN.1
Import/Export to other SDL tools


The Integrated Graphical SDL Editor, Analyser, and Simulator fully support the specification language SDL. SDL is a general-purpose object oriented language especially suited for specifying embedded systems and protocols.

The Cinderella Incremental SDL Analyser is the most advanced SDL analyser on the market today. The analyser works in the background while you are developing the specification. It even provides automatic error correction for certain types of errors.

The Specification Explorer is a versatile user configurable and extremely powerful tool for browsing and editing a specification.

The built-in simulator simulates the specification immediately, i.e. no compilation to an executable file is necessary to simulate a specification. You can even simulate partial specifications and update the specification while simulating.

Cinderella SDL supports the Common Interchange Format (CIF), an open standard defined by ITU, so it is easy to exchange specifications between different SDL tools. Textual to graphical SDL and reverse converters are included.

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